February 25, 2009

Fabric Bulletin Boards

A group of moms got together to make these - it was super easy and fun. Get a ceiling tile from your local home improvement store, cut fabric to cover it (plus about 3 inches all around). Stretch fabric around the tile and staple in place (on the back so you can't see it). Criss-cross ribbon where you want it - usually it will go over the whole board, but I contained it to one corner. At the criss-cross intersections, put dabs of hot glue and secure with a push-pin. I then glued buttons to the push pins for added interest. Add a picture hanger to the back, and you're in business. Notes/pics can slide in under the ribbon, or be thumbtacked to the board.


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I made boards like these with my sister. She made them with an enrichment group. They backed them with foam board and placed batting between the board and the cloth for a puffy look, so a few options. Love the colors!

Mandy, they turned out really nice!!!

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