Nursing Blanket

All the rage with new moms – the nursing blanket (aka, hooter hider). This is SUPER easy to sew – another great project for a beginner. It’s basically a rectangle of material, hemming all the sides; into the top hem insert 18in of boneing (found by the notions in the fabric store); also a lower corner has a terrycloth triangle for wiping up spit-up, etc. I made my strap velcro per the suggestion of a friend who already had a nursing blanket. This works great because you can look down at baby, but still be covered. And don’t be wierded out – the picture is staged :0)

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    I definitely wish I’d had one of these with my son… I guess there’s always #2 right?! So cute. Thanks so much for linking up at Baby Week, Mandy!

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