March 12, 2009

Girly Star Wars

I know this isn't a project most people can do since I used an embroidery machine, but I still wanted to show it off. It's a Star Wars shirt, but much girlier than you can usually find. Stitched in purple, surrounded by stars with some of those stars bedazzled. Bling Bling. I was thinking of selling these - for all those girl Star Wars fans out there.


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It's even cuter in person. Abby has no interest in Star Wars but she would probably wear it because of the bling. Very cute and fun!

Love it! You know we'd want one and I even think I know another girly girl who would purchase one from you.

Is this for Kallie? I know she is into star wars since Reed is!

If only Emmaleigh would wear a shirt! Got any Star Wars bling dresses?

sara - Emmy was in a dress phase that drove me crazy - - then I introduced her to skirts! I like them better (they're so cute and she still can wear cute shirts) and she loves them cause they're dress-like - - -

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