March 2, 2009

Hair Turban

This is a hair turban - the easy way to wrap your hair up in a towel. It is made out of a handtowel and small piece of elastic.
To make, cut a handtowel in half lengthwise. Then cut a diagonal taper from the top to the opposite corner (as shown at left). Place a loop of elastic at the seam and sew it up. Turn inside out and you're done. Another beginner sewing level project. Takes about 5 minutes.
To use, put flip your hair upside-down, place the wider part of the turban at the back of your head, twist your hair up in the narrow part, then flip back over and tuck the narrow part into the elastic (show in top picture).


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that's hot---

love the pic.

These are so awesome! I've bought stuff like this, but never tried making my own!

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