Making a bag is a fun summer project. You can make one just to your liking- the perfect fabric, lining, pockets, and embellishments. You can make one using a pattern, or just make one without. Below is a picture of the first bag I ever made. Since it was my first one I used a pattern (McCall’s P301, view A). I wanted a nicer bag for church that would hold a 3-ring binder (I made it a little bigger than the pattern called for). I made this 3-4 years ago, right before the big bag-making rage began, and it’s still holding up.
After making that bag, I understood how bags get put together and didn’t need to refer to patterns. I made several smaller bags, but can’t locate them for pictures. It’s fun to whip up a little bag. A couple of summers ago I wanted a big bag for vacation and made the bag below using a pattern recommended to me (I can’t find it right now but could probably look it up if you’re interested.) I loved the bigness of this bag and the fun summer material. It also has a ton of pockets for sunscreen, waterbottles, etc.
So I’ve been itching to make a bag again. But as I was crusin’ through target I noticed the bag pictured below that was about the style I wanted to make. It wasn’t quite what I was thinking of, and I wasn’t in love with the fabric, but it wasn’t bad. And it was only $10. I got to thinking how I’d probably spend more than that on material to make my own bag, plus the time/effort in sewing. So I just bought the target one – I did add my initial and some brown top-stitching to match it. So I went with a copout, but encourage anyone out there who hasn’t attempted one yet to make yourself a bag. And then use it with pride!
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