April 27, 2009

Mom Business Cards

I just made some business cards - SUPER easy. Just follow THIS LINK to Cottage Printables and a PDF file will open. Then you just Click on the words and put your words in their place - you change one card and all the rest will automatically update. Print onto cardstock and cut-out. I used to shy away from printing in color, for fear of wasting color ink. But then I was so conservative that the color ink got too old and dried up! So now I don't feel bad using it - use it or lose it. I made my cards with my name, phone, email address, and blog url - - now if I meet other moms they can know that I'm super cool when I hand them this card instead of scrawling my phone number onto a scrap piece of paper. You can be cool too - it took less than 5 minutes.


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