June 15, 2009

Pillowcase Dresses

I've been busy making various Pillowcase Dresses this week - so fun! There is a great tutorial HERE. I didn't use the bias tape as they did - I just serged the edge but you could also just turn it under. These are super quick to make. They're perfect play dresses for those little girls who have to wear a dress everyday. Also, picture an older girl wearing it with leggings underneath. Or a preteen girl wearing it over a longsleeved shirt and jeans. I put it on myself, but I filled it out so there wasn't much gathering at the neck, so it really just looked like I was wearing a pillowcase - not too flattering. Don't judge a pillowcase either - the one I thought was ugly (yellow big flowers) turned out pretty cute in a retro way - and even a plain pillowcase looks cute with a ribbon added to the bottom. Have fun creating!!

Looking at the last picture, I had one king-size pillowcase, so it was longer than the rest. There was enough material to make a whole outfit. I can't decide if this outfits says "what a cute boutique ensemble!" or "is that a pillowcase your child is wearing?!"

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Way cute! Of course I've got to enter your giveaway. Looks like they're a lot of fun to make. :)

So, I am totally going to make these! I love the outfit-I think it turned out so cute! I wish I lived ther so you could show me how and I could become a fabulous seamstress! :(

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