June 7, 2009

Summer Dresses

I've been busily sewing myself and my girls some coordinating summer dresses. Once again, easy Simplicity patterns (they're downstairs and I'm up, but if you're interested I can post the pattern numbers). I was even able to sew the girls dresses without consulting anyone on any of the steps, so if I can figure it out you can too. The best part - their dresses have pockets!! They loved that. They made me wish I had put pockets in mine. Thanks to Brianne and Buff for picking my fabric (from JoAnns) - great choice, fun print. The 2 year old's is a little big - I should have learned from the summer outfits that hers needs to be made smaller, but I forgot and made both girls a size 4. Of course I had to make matching headbands. I think the dresses looked much cuter in person than they do in the picture. Fun to make, fun to wear.


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Very cute! You all look great in your casual dresses. Love the look!

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