Summer Lounge Pants

I’m still here! I’ve been busily sewing away, so I thought I should start posting again. Getting back into the swing of things after vacation. Anyways, on to the post.
I’ve been wanting some summer pajama shorts. Lounge Pants. Whatever you want to call them. Super Easy – just 2 pattern pieces, one for each leg. Sew them together and you have yourself something comfy in no time. What made these really easy was that they are from an old sheet (garage sale, $.50) so the bottom of the pants is the finished edge of the sheet, hence I didn’t even have to hem my pants – it was already a finished edge. So go dig out an old sheet and make yourself a pair!

Entering this in the Iron Crafter Competition – wish me luck:

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    would love to know what pattern you used…i have had this on my “to do” list for ages, been thinking i would make up my own pattern from a pair of lounge pants i already have and like! is that what you did??

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