August 25, 2009

Knit v. Crochet

My friend taught me how to crochet while we had time to kill at the Grand Canyon. She's good and can read patterns - I know the one pattern she taught me, and can use the basic stitch to make most things (I whipped up the pictured baby hat the other day). I recently learned to knit from my Grandma. I made the pictured dishcloth (you can tell I started in the bottom left corner, but as I kept at it I got better). Does anyone have an opinion on crochet versus knitting? My take is that crochet is easier, but you can do more (fancier patterns, stitches, etc) with knitting. Maybe knitting gets easier with more practice. Either way, it's just making loops and anyone can learn how - try it!


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Good job! I want to learn how to crochet. I learned how to knit some basic things a little while ago. While looking at patterns, I actually think crochet has more unique designs. :)

I think crocheting is so much easier just because you tend to lose stitches in knitting if you are not careful, whereas in crocheting you can pretty much pick-up where you left off and it's easier to count the stitches if you did lose a stitch.

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