Men’s Button Shirt Into Dresses

Dig through your closets, solicit family for unwanted shirts, puruse thrift stores and garage sales – this project is SUPER EASY and SUPER CUTE – enjoy!

A couple of years ago I made a dress from an adult button shirt. Genuis!! The buttons are used on the back of the dress, so no zipper or buttons of your own are required. Easy!! I followed THIS TUTORIAL. It was so cute and easy that I decided to make another. This time I used a plain white shirt (with yucky armpits and collar – it was calling out to be repurposed!) and prettied it up with ribbon. I made it even simplier than my first one because I used ribbon straps instead of trying to sew straps/sleeves. I thought it turned out cute for a summer dress, and if it’s worn with a long-sleeve shirt underneath it can be a year-round thing. (Please ignore my lack of ironing!)

Browsing crafty blogs, I saw a project where someone made a button shirt into a dress, but they used a pattern. So I tried that too. Just cut all along the seams and then use that material to lay your pattern pieces out on. I placed the back pattern piece over the buttons, but I think it would also be cute with buttons in the front. My model was playing with water and barely had time for my pics, but I hope you get the idea. I used Simplicity Pattern 5695. There wasn’t quite enough fabric from the shirt to gather the bottom tier enough, but oh well, it still turned out cute. I added ric rac instead of ribbon on this one.

And side note, the PJ Pants I made out of sheets, I used It’s So Easy It’s Simplicity Pattern 9871 – truly EASY! I just made them fall to my knee instead of full-length. One pattern piece, cut 2 (one for each leg) – that’s it!

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