August 1, 2009


It's a pretty new (but super fun) concept to me - turn clothes into something more. Instead of getting rid of an item that doesn't fit, cut the item apart and use its material as fabric for your next project. This bag was a passed-down (thanks Krista!) skirt that never fit right. It was on it's way out the door when I thought, hey, that might make a cute bag. And so here it is. Also, right where the zipper was in the skirt, I cut out a big square and sewed it together - so now it's a zippered make-up bag to match the big bag, and I didn't even put in a zipper - just used what was already put together. Genius! So start weeding through your stuff with a crafting eye. And be waiting for my next post on girls dresses you can make out of button-up shirts (a favorite project of mine)!


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Wow! You've really got the crafty eye!! It's a gift, I'm certain!! Cute bag!!

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