October 14, 2009

Personal Recipe Book

I've been planning this project for quite some time. I had a grand idea: I wanted a recipe book full of recipes that we regularly cook, all with pictures so the kids could flip through and see what to make. I typed out the recipes long ago, but was waiting to put my picture idea into motion. Lofty goal. I still want to add pictures, but I thought the other day, as my recipe cards were spilling out of my cabinet - I should just print those recipes and get on with that book. And so I did.
For a personal touch, each recipe names who it's from. Then under that I tried to add a couple lines of commentary about each recipe - who loved it, when we ate it, etc. I am hoping to bring memories along with the how-to-make-it.
At first I searched book stores for a recipe book I could write in. Then I thought, why! Just use a three-ring binder. Trevor got me all the supplies as I gift I had been begging for. I love the page divider things he got - they have pockets, so in the pockets I put recipes that I want to try - ones that sound yummy, but I wasn't sure they would be worthy enough to be typed up and added as a page.

My categories are: Desserts, Main Dish, Breakfast, Appetizers, Breads, Side Dish. These work for me, but obviously you need to tailor your book to your family. I love how it can grow with time. Organizing recipes seems like such a daunting task, but this is soooo doable. Go grab a binder and start typing!


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Good for you. I'm glad you got this put together. I made one a long time ago but it is in such disarray now. You have inspired me to reorganize it and make it as cute as yours.

This is also on my list of stuff to do. I love how you did this!

This has been on my list of things to do for about 3 1/2 years now...so onto to getting it done! Very cute, I love it!

I have a couple of recipe binders - regular recipes, freezer recipes, pantry recipes, and bread recipes. But, my regular recipes needs the most help. I haven't completely transitioned from my old, falling apart binder. I LOVE the idea of dividers with pockets. I think that will be the solution I needed.

Love it, want it. Is this a giveaway?


Great idea.

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