We’ve been undergoing a desk remodel. We got a new mouse that wouldn’t work on our new shiny surface, and hence needed a mousepad. (We’ve since taken that mouse back and are using our old one – the new one was very skiddish.) I found a tutorial on recovering old mousepads and thought that’d be perfect – it would tie my curtains into the desk area. I couldn’t find an old mousepad, so I looked at the store: $8! Yikes! Who knew. So I was on the lookout – luckily I spotted a discarded mousepad at my parents’ house. Just lay the pad down on some fabric and cut around it, leaving 2-3 inches all the way around for fold-over. Then lay the pad down on some Heat-N-Bond and cut a piece slightly smaller than the pad. Iron it to the pad, pull off the paper, and iron the fabric onto the pad – it should stick. Flip it over and tack all the edges to the backside with fabric glue. Done and done. This took about 10 minutes. Now, to get a better mouse…

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