Pajama Pants

You can make Pajama Pants – they are the first thing to learn when sewing. I taught a sewing class to 5 yr olds and the project was PJ Pants. So grab a pattern and get to sewing! For these I didn’t grab a pattern which was a bad idea because they didn’t fit well. I learned for next time. I used a flannel sheet set I bought at a garage sale, even using the elastic from the fitted sheet for the waistband – talk about thrify – 6 pairs of pjs for a total of $2. Since it was a sheet it had a finished edge, so I used it for the bottom of the pants so I didn’t even have to hem anything – remember that trick!
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    What a fabulous idea! I made pj pants for our family for Christmas morning too, but mine ended up costing about $7/pair! I keep checking for marked down flannel but that seems to be a rarity. Now I have one more thing to search for on my trips to the thrift store, SHEETS!! Thanks for sharing that, Mandy!

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