Smores Ornament

I ventured into polymer clay to make this ornament. I’ve always considered polymer clay intimidating, but it was really easy and fun. You can do this! I bought a big pack of white at Walmart and found the other colors individually packaged at Michaels. The cost was $2.60 an ornament (single snowman). I made mine a double. Great instructions over on LittleBirdeSecrets, one of the crafty blogs I check out. Just make your shapes, stack them together, add arms and a hook to hang it by (don’t forget the hook!), scratch “2009” into it somewhere, and bake. We did this as a fun adult craft at playgroup.
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    Wow! These are great. I saw some way cute buttons on Etsy made out of this and I thought, “I wish I knew how to do that.” Hearing your own experience with it makes me feel brave. I’ll probably try some out! :)

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