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January 30, 2009

Hatz - endless possiblities

I was planning on posting some of my past craftiness first, but I just made this last night and it was TOO CUTE not to put on! I started out trying to crochet a stocking cap, but it was getting small so I started making it bigger and got this cute effect - I just pretend like I meant to make it that way. Anyways, it's just a single crochet stitch, using two strands of yarn, starting at the crown of the head, going round and round and round, occasionally adding stitches to increase the size. No pattern was used or anything. Then I experimented and made the flower and tacked it onto the hat. It took about 2 hours.

January 29, 2009

Kitchen Necessity - Apron

I've been wondering what craft to post as the "first post". I thought an apron was appropriate - gets you into the Happy Homemaker mode. If you're not sure, get a few apron books from the library and get inspired (I loved "A is for Apron"). You can also find a pattern, but you don't need one. I just cut a rectangle of material, put a binding on the top and bottom for interest, added ties (they wrap around and tie in the front for some added interest) and a couple of pockets and a hand-wiping towel, and volua! This is a perfect project for a beginner sewer.

January 28, 2009


I've been on a crafty kick lately, ever since I tried to do a "homemade Christmas". I was telling my husband how I might make the kids some winter hats - he politely informed me that homemade isn't cool. And so I'm more gung-ho than ever in my crafting crusade. Homemade and Handcrafted ARE cool! And I want to share that view with the world. Welcome to the extention of my blog: All the Buzz - Craft Edition. I hope to post a craft or two a week - easy, doable, useful, fun crafts that I've conquered. Enjoy!