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February 27, 2009

Wide Fabric Headband

I am really pleased with how this Fabric Headband turned out. It is a great project for a beginner sewer. I started with pattern from (you download the PDF file and print it out on your computer). The pattern also comes with a step-by-step tutorial. I modified it a little - they called for velcro to hold the headband together, and I used elastic instead (I thought it'd be easier for my 4 yr old to put on herself). I just put a piece of elastic into the ends of the headband before topstitching. Also, I made the whole headband shorter since I wasn't using velco where it would need to overlap. You could go make this project right now - you just need a scrap of material, velcro or elastic, and about 10-20 minutes.

February 25, 2009

Fabric Bulletin Boards

A group of moms got together to make these - it was super easy and fun. Get a ceiling tile from your local home improvement store, cut fabric to cover it (plus about 3 inches all around). Stretch fabric around the tile and staple in place (on the back so you can't see it). Criss-cross ribbon where you want it - usually it will go over the whole board, but I contained it to one corner. At the criss-cross intersections, put dabs of hot glue and secure with a push-pin. I then glued buttons to the push pins for added interest. Add a picture hanger to the back, and you're in business. Notes/pics can slide in under the ribbon, or be thumbtacked to the board.

February 23, 2009

Cloth Baby Shoes

These shoes were really quick and fun to make. Start to finish, around 20-30 minutes. I would say Intermediate Sewing Skills, just because small things are a little harder to sew, and you have to work the stitches in a circle instead of a straight line. The possibilites are endless - check out Lots of Samples HERE (there are a few pictures not of shoes - get through those and then there are tons of shoe pictures).
I found a couple of tutorials and patterns. The one I used is: (I altered it just a little and didn't fold over casing for the elastic - I just sewed it inbetween the lining and outer layer).
There is also one at: (the difference is that this pattern calls for making a separate elastic casing).
My baby is 3 months old, and these have a little more room in the toes, but are pretty snug in width. I'd say the pattern is for 3-6mo, but I'm sure it is easily altered.

February 21, 2009

Mosaic Tile Trivet

I made these awhile ago but still love them enough to share them as a project. A "trivet" is what you use to put your hot pots, etc, on. These were super easy to make. I bought a bucket of broken tiles at Home Depot for $1 (what a deal - the bucket alone was worth that!) and then bought a couple of color tiles as well. We happened to have extra grout hanging around. You just cut a piece of wood to the size you need, hot glue on broken tile pieces (yes, just hot glue!), cover with grout and wipe off the excess. I think these would make great gifts. I found the project idea in Lowe's free magazine, "Creative Ideas".

Mosaic Tile Trivet Tutorial Link:

February 17, 2009

Poncho Coat

I spotted this on a child and had to ask their mom about it. They bought theirs at I LOVE the idea, because I'm paranoid and don't let my kids buckle into carseats with their coats on. With a poncho, since it doesn't have sleeves, you can buckle the child in under the poncho, and they can still keep it on and stay warm. But $80 was a little out of my range. So I crafted my own for my toddler (the picture shows my 4year-old wearing it - she was the only one available for a picture at the time). I spent $8. What a deal.

(picture on left from
Quick instructions: Cut 2 squares of material - the one for the inner lining should be about 4 inches bigger all around. I used 1/2 yard of material, but should have made it bigger. Cut 2 pieces of each material to be sewn together for a hood (check out a jacket, etc, for an idea on size and shape). Cuff inner hood around outer hood material. Sew hood to poncho. Cuff inner poncho material around the outer. Voila. It probably took about an hour. Intermediate sewing skills.

February 15, 2009

Beyond Rice Krispies

Who doesn't love Rice Krispie Treats - mmm. For Valentine's Day, I made them as usual (and added pink food coloring), then instead of spreading them onto a pan, I pressed them into a funnel. After taking them out of the funnel mold, they have the shape of giant Hershey Kisses. I thought they'd be extra good covered in swirls of chocolate, but that seemed messy to eat and the kids don't know the difference. To complete the look, wrap in foil and add a strip of paper with a fun message.

February 11, 2009

Valentine Hairbows

These bows look way cuter in person than in the picture. I only made a couple of them, but all were super cute. Just grab some ribbon (on sale at Michael's for $1 a spool in the Valentine's section) and layer lots of loops. We also used pipe cleaners for extra sparkle. And foam sticker glitter hearts for more interest. Too fun!

February 9, 2009

Another Apron

Another apron. These go together so easily. I like this picture because it shows that it's just an embellished rectangle of fabric. I got the trimming on super clearance - don't forgot to check clearance sections - there are great deals to be had. Good thing I put Aimee's name on it or I might have had to keep it for myself - it turned out way cute!

February 6, 2009

Cake Pops

Mmmm... Cake Truffles. Check out Bakerella!

I know my goal is to post about things I've accomplished, and while I haven't made these for Valentine's Day, I did make them for Halloween (just the pumpkin below - I wasn't too fancy). It's crumbed up cake, mixed with frosting, rolled into balls, and then dipped in chocolate or candy melts. Put on a stick for "CakePops" or not for "Cake Truffles". They weren't hard to make - kind of fun, so enjoy!! (here's a tutorial)

February 4, 2009

Other Craftiness

I am compiling a list of other craft blogs/websites. I like ones with doable, inspiring crafts, where I look and think "super cute - I can do that!". Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions for my list? Thanks!

Oh, and has anyone noticed how the header "Super Buzzy" is sooo applicable - sticks with the bee theme, plus plays on the craft them because it's flying over pin cushions/needles and a spool of thread - too great.

Nursing Blanket

All the rage with new moms - the nursing blanket (aka, hooter hider). This is SUPER easy to sew - another great project for a beginner. It's basically a rectangle of material, hemming all the sides; into the top hem insert 18in of boneing (found by the notions in the fabric store); also a lower corner has a terrycloth triangle for wiping up spit-up, etc. I made my strap velcro per the suggestion of a friend who already had a nursing blanket. This works great because you can look down at baby, but still be covered. And don't be wierded out - the picture is staged :0)

February 2, 2009

Hairbow Holder

My girls are on a huge hairbow kick lately - they're everywhere. So I made a Hairbow Holder, and it's been working great. Get a piece of wood (Trevor cut mine, but you can also buy blank plaques at Michael's), paint it, use a staple gun to attach a ribbon on top for a hanger, and a couple of ribbons hanging down for the bows to clip onto. I wrote "Hairbows" with a permanent marker. Easy. We have 2 for all the hairbows and clips.