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June 25, 2009

Camera Strap Cover

So I was unsure if making my bag flap was worth it - but having extra fabric to make fun accessories convinces me, yes! I've been longing for a hip-happenin camera strap for a while (there are a ton on etsy), but they're so pricey for what they are. I whipped one up this afternoon when I should have been doing more productive things. I followed the tutorial HERE, but I also googled "camera strap tutorial" and found several to choose from - I liked this one because it covers the black ends of the strap and some leave that exposed. Anyways, the trick was to take a picture of it because I forgot to until after it was back on my camera - and I didn't want to be in the pic. Have fun making yours!

Camera Bag Flap

I received my new camera/diaper bag yesterday. I was too cheap to buy a flap for it, thinking "I can make that no problem!" Well, I made it, but began to wonder if saving $10 was worth the hassle. I did add some upgrades to my flap: an appliqued initial to the front and a hidden zipper on the back side (look for it in the pic below). I already know some things I'd do differently if I make another one - first, make it wider and longer - when the bag is stuffed, it's a tight fit, so a little slack would be nice; second, add a zipper pouch or simple pocket to the outside of the flap, so there's a pocket that's accessible without opening the flap. Now it's on to making various matching accessories - camera strap, zipper pouches, lens bags, etc. The fun continues!

June 23, 2009

Pleated Bag

I'm on a bag kick. I made two bags using this Pleated Purse Pattern. On one I did as instructed with pleats going in, and the other I made with pleats going out.
Things about this pattern:
  • it was FREE!
  • instead of printing out actual pattern pieces, it just gave measurements - a little more of a hassle
  • Pretty easy to understand - I did have to add a couple extra pleats, and I put mine together like the Buttercup Bag instead of using these instructions (turned it through the top instead of the lining)
I also put together a small backpack bag. I made this up without a pattern - it's just a rectangle with a couple of straps.

June 18, 2009

Buttercup Bag

Looking for the Giveaway?? Just scroll down to the next post...

I just made the cutest bag! This is great for beginners!It's all the rage in the online crafting world check it out: Free Pattern Here.

What I liked about this bag:

  • Pattern was FREE

  • Easy to understand and construct (I made it while my kids were awake - anything that requires thought I have to make when they are in bed)

  • Only uses 1 fat quarter of fabric (and another for the lining) - my Walmart (that still has a fabric department!) sells fat quarters for $1 - what a deal! They also go on sale for $1 at Joanns occasionally. Fat Quarters are precut pieces of fabric packaged in a small square.

June 15, 2009

Pillowcase Dresses

I've been busy making various Pillowcase Dresses this week - so fun! There is a great tutorial HERE. I didn't use the bias tape as they did - I just serged the edge but you could also just turn it under. These are super quick to make. They're perfect play dresses for those little girls who have to wear a dress everyday. Also, picture an older girl wearing it with leggings underneath. Or a preteen girl wearing it over a longsleeved shirt and jeans. I put it on myself, but I filled it out so there wasn't much gathering at the neck, so it really just looked like I was wearing a pillowcase - not too flattering. Don't judge a pillowcase either - the one I thought was ugly (yellow big flowers) turned out pretty cute in a retro way - and even a plain pillowcase looks cute with a ribbon added to the bottom. Have fun creating!!

Looking at the last picture, I had one king-size pillowcase, so it was longer than the rest. There was enough material to make a whole outfit. I can't decide if this outfits says "what a cute boutique ensemble!" or "is that a pillowcase your child is wearing?!"

Entering this post in the Iron Crafter Competion - wish me luck:

June 7, 2009

Summer Dresses

I've been busily sewing myself and my girls some coordinating summer dresses. Once again, easy Simplicity patterns (they're downstairs and I'm up, but if you're interested I can post the pattern numbers). I was even able to sew the girls dresses without consulting anyone on any of the steps, so if I can figure it out you can too. The best part - their dresses have pockets!! They loved that. They made me wish I had put pockets in mine. Thanks to Brianne and Buff for picking my fabric (from JoAnns) - great choice, fun print. The 2 year old's is a little big - I should have learned from the summer outfits that hers needs to be made smaller, but I forgot and made both girls a size 4. Of course I had to make matching headbands. I think the dresses looked much cuter in person than they do in the picture. Fun to make, fun to wear.

June 4, 2009


I know I've been Missing-In-Blogging-Action with this Craft Edition blog - I've been working on some things, really, and I've got a big sewing bug right now - I have a huge bookmark list of things I've seen that I want to make. I'm about ready to post some stuff, but not quite. For now, here's a sneak peak....