January 12, 2010

Curtain Grommets Tutorial and more!

Remember a few months ago when I made some curtains for my family room? I loved them and after having some friends over for a discussion on window treatments for my kitchen, they had a great ephinony and I moved them into my kitchen, where I love them even more! I painted the walls "young sprout" and am just loving this space!! First, let's recall the old version:

What I referred to as "magic eye" wallpaper that you can't really see in the picture (lucky you), and vertical blinds in lovely mauve covering all the windows (they form a sort of window bay). Yikes. And now the new version:
I know it's not everyone's style taste, but I LOVE it!

And so why grommets?? I wanted something usable - this is a location where curtains are pulled open and closed almost daily, not somewhere where they hang pretty on the sides indefinitely. So function was a must. Easy - also a must. I almost went with curtain clips - in fact I even bought some. But then a friend suggested grommets and I thought they'd be just the look I wanted. But was unsure of the effort. I took the plunge and tried them - SUPER EASY!! I wished I would have discovered grommets years ago - easy and functional - perfect. And you don't need any extra tools (which is what I always assumed).
I forgot to take pictures when I made the grommets for my curtains, so here's a quick tutorial on some scrap material so you can see how simple they really were:
They come with a template - how easy can that get! Just place it where you want the grommet, and draw your circle:
Then cut out the circle. Put the grommet piece with the raised middle edge underneath like so: And then just snap the other grommet piece on top - really, you'll hear/feel a "snap. And voila, done! The raw material edge is hidden inside the grommet. Here's a view from the top. Makes me look I know what I'm doing - grommets just look so finished. A helpful hint - use an even number of grommets - otherwise when you thread the curtain onto your rod, both ends won't curve in (trust me on this one). For a full panel (the whole width of your material) you'll want 8 grommets. For a half panel, 4. I bought mine with my 40% of coupon at JoAnns back by the home decor fabric. So go grab some and fancy up some material you love into curtains - you can do it!

Oh, you're wondering what I did with my family room from which I took the curtains to outfit the kitchen - made more, of course. Here they are:
Much more clean-lines than my former ones that billoughed and puddled on the floor - hiding was about all they were good for:That, and they made for pretty cute dresses. Remember? If not, scroll on down, it was just a post or two ago.


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Great tutorial! I know I am going to do this when we move to our new house! Not only is it easy, but its a fantast way to finish your windows without spending a fortune!

I've been wanting to do this but was concerned at using the big grommets. Thanks for letting me know that it does work! Pat, junkblossoms.

I love the fabric you used! What a great after!

I'm stopping by from BCD. I tried those exact grommets for a project last month and they didn't work for me! I was so frustrated because the day I bought them I didn't have my coupon and think I spent $10! Was your fabric on the thin side, mine was thicker, so I'm assuming that was the problem.

For these curtains I used Home Decor Fabric (from Amy Butler), so it's a heavier weight fabric. I did notice that on one panel I had lining in the header which made for 4 layers, and that was too thick. But with 2 layers, mine worked, with a good push to snap it together. This is the only fabric I've tried so maybe with thicker stuff it wouldn't work. Oh, and I saw similiar grommets at Walmart today, for only $7 - cheaper than JoAnns ($11).

This was so helpful! I've wanted to grommet too, but also thought there were additional tools. But now it just looks really, really fun. :-)

Wow, those look great and they are so easy! I had no idea.

These look really nice. What an improvement, love the fabric choice. I thought grommets would be harder too. So when I did my curtains I chose drapery hooks. I bought table cloths on clearance at Target. Cut them and sewed the edges. Hung them with the drapery hooks that were also on clearance for less than $3 a box. (took 3 boxes) I think they look pretty good. I will have to post them on my blog. or share the pics with you. lol :)

Great idea. I'm definitely going to have to try it now that I know it is so easy to use grommets. I've got a bazzillion curtains to make for my new home and these would look great. Thanks for the tip.
April @ homehinges.com

I really love your fabric choices. I am about to finally get rid of my vertical blinds, so great ideas!

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Thanks for your share! very impressive!


I love the look of the new curtains verses the old blinds! It also allows a lot of natural light in where it looked darker before. I am curious where you got your curtain rod from. It looks to be one long continuous rod bending around the corners. Am I right?


we actually made the rod from one long one - the plan was to bend it in the right spots, but the bends turns more like cracks, so we ending up just cutting the rod at an angle at those 2 points. works great!

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