January 4, 2010

Curtain Repurpose

I finally got around to replacing the curtains that were in our house when we moved in. They were *lovely* as curtains, but made for great holiday-ish dresses for the girls. I used Easy McCalls M5966, and it was easy, especially since I ommitted the zipper in the back (there's no need - since it's a V-neck, it can slip over their head easily). The pattern is a bit big - I made a 3 for my 5 yr old, and it's still a little big. But I thought the dresses turned out cute - I used the hem of the curtain for the bottom of the dress so I didn't have to hem them - a great trick.


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Due to contamination these dresses are at my house being washed. Thanks Will for the powerful baby germs that brought me down.

Love it!

Have you seen the blog makeitandloveit.blogspot.com ???

It reminds me of you!

How very gone with the wind of you ;). Just kidding, they look amazing and I wouldn't have guessed what they were in a former life.

They look awesome! Nice sewing!

Those are really cute! (I scrolled down from your new drapery post) I miss the days I sewed matching dresses for my girls.

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