January 30, 2010

Fabric Flower, now what?

Fabric flowers seem to be all the rage. You'll see them on shirts, clustered on headbands, even hanging onto necklaces. There are numberous how-to's if you want to create your own - I just searched "how to make a fabric flower", read a few things, and whipped one up. I folded a long piece of material in half, tied a knot in the end, and then wrapped around the knot, giving a half-twist and dab of fabric glue occasionally. Anyways, I made it to match the dress featured earlier. But now what? I pinned it in my up-do, but I'm not sold on the look. The fabric was pretty thin, which means the flower turned out kind of small. Maybe I should make a couple more and go with the cluster look to beef it up a little. Do you have scraps of material laying around? Go make some fabric flowers - then you can do something fabulous with them and tell me about it so I know what to do with mine.


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Cute, Mandy! That's what I've been wanting to try.

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