Pattern Adjustments, Evening Dress

Long ago you made your own clothes because it was much cheaper that way. Today I don’t really feel that’s the case – clothing is so cheap and with clothing sales, and sometimes even without, it would cost the same if not more to make something. So where’s the benefit in sewing? I think it’s that you get a custom fit – made just for you.
I wanted a dress for our Evening Dinner on our cruise – I found some fabric that I loved (it had a great hang) and used the pattern: Simplicity 3835. I made the dress on the pattern in solid blue but omitted the pockets. Well, it wasn’t quite what I thought – I wish I would have taken a picture – it was a bit frumpy. My husband said, “it’d be good for church”. It definitely didn’t scream “cruise”.
And so, the benefit of sewing, I adjusted it. I hacked off the elbow-length sleeves and took in the side seams a lot so it was a more fitted look. It made a world of difference. I didn’t get a great picture of the dress, but at least here’s something to look at.
The pattern was easy to put together and pretty fun and simple to sew. There was a zipper, if that intimidates you, but it wasn’t hard (if I can do it, you can!). I came away not liking how the pattern turned out (which is why I altered it) but when I recently did a quick google search for “Simplicity 3835″ and clicked “Image Search results” I saw a lot of cute dresses and it made me want to try again with this pattern, using different fabric. I guess the pattern gets rave reviews – who knew! I might making the one with tie sleeves, and using a contrasting fabric for the neck yoke thing.
Anyways, moral of the story, don’t give up if you don’t like it – just try adjusting seams, lengths, gathers, etc until you like your results. That’s the benefit of sewing – that, and being able to say nonchalantly “oh yes, I made it” while onlookers gaze in amazement.

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