Skirt Repurpose

I am preparing for a tropical getaway – ahhh. More later on the evening dress quandry. For now, it’s beachwear. I realized I didn’t have a swimsuit coverup and needed something to wear for upcoming lazy strolls along the ocean. Swimwear is just now making an appearance in the stores, so no coverups are on sale, or clearance, which is how I shop. So I wandered into a very cheap store (I won’t even divulge the name so you won’t think less of me) and found this skirt on the clearance rack for $2:It’s ill-fitting as a skirt but for $2 it was worthy of a repurpose. The material was gauzy and flowy and said “beachy” to me, so I made the purchase.

To get some material to work with, I cut off the skirt below the last strip of lace stuff – I then serged the raw edge. Then with that material that was cut off, I cut 2 strips for straps and serged their edges. Then sewed them on to the top. This whole repurpose was super easy and took about 10-15 (the longest part was trying it on to see where to place the straps and how long to make them).

And voila! Not a stunning coverup, but for $2, it’s a go. Warmth and Sunshine, here I come!

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