January 26, 2010

Take-A-Look Tuesday

Today is the first of many "Take-A-Look Tuesdays" where I get to show off all the great stuff from YOU, the readers. Keep sending in those pics - we want to see!

To start us off, look at this great wreath! (I don't think this is the exact one Marge created, just one similiar.) I have to admit, I've never made a wreath. But with this cuteness, I just might have to. Just think how perfect this would be for any holiday, just use the right ribbon. With the ribbon above, I'm thinking Valentine's Day - and you've still got a few weeks, so it's perfect timing for a quick wreath project. Go try it!

Big thanks to Marge for sharing! She's super crafty so I'm sure we'll be gazing on more of her fabulous craftiness in weeks to come.


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I've got a valentine's project to show off. Here is the link to my post.
Love the wreath too.

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