February 17, 2010

Fleece Fringe-Tied Blankets

These are probably the easiest ever blankets to make - you've probably made them already.  But if you haven't here's a quick rundown.  Mine are 1 1/4 yards long, so the size is 60x45inches.  First you'll want to cut off the selvedge edge - that's the side of the fabric.  Sometime's it's white, but other times it blends in with your pattern - even if it blends in, cut it off - it curls and if you leave it on the blanket doesn't look as nice.

Next cut your fringe.  I cut mine along the 45in edge only, but you can do all the way around if you want.  You just cut strips about 1 1/2 inches wide, 4 inches into the fabric.  But I didn't measure each cut - you can eyeball it.  Then on each piece of fringe, tie a knot.  These are single-layer blankets so you don't tie strips to other strips, just make a knot on itself.  Even kids can join the fun.

It's pretty fun and super easy - a perfect project to do while you're watching the Olympics! (I have a whole list of projects to do during my obessive Olympic watching - stay tuned to see how much I get done...)


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cute blankets! I have seen these before but have never made one myself.

I finally made a bunch of those for a hospice and loved it! They are a great project and I love the fabric you used!

Thank you for this tutorial! I was looking for a basic knot blanket and this blog is the first one I've seen that isn't "braided" or double layered! Thanks again!

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