February 8, 2010

Leftovers: for the dolls

After making the Pink Fluff skirts, I had some scraps left. My girls love their dolls and love their skirts, so of course the dolls needed their own skirts to love. This project was easier than the real skirts because this is for dolls. So I didn't go all out. Instead of doing a tiered skirt for the base, I just used one piece of fabric. First fold down the top and sew it, to create a casing for the elastic. Then I just gathered 3 strips of tulle and attached them. Like so:

Measure the doll's waist and cut elastic as needed - thread it through the casing. Sew the skirt side seam and it's done. The fun of this project for us was that my girls sewed them, with a little help. After the tulle is all pinned on, it's just a matter of sewing straight lines - perfect sewing project for little helpers. They think moms make stuff for their girls, and they're the moms to their dolls, so it only makes sense.
You can't see, but my 3-yr-old is driving this contraption with complete control of the foot pedal (note her intense concentration) - I'm just trying to hang on to the fabric as it flies through the machine. She's very proud:


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Awww I love her face!!! I hope in a few years my now 1yo will be able to get control of the pedal too :)...

Well done little girl!

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