February 19, 2010

Money Jugs

My mom received some old wheat from someone's food storage to feed her chickens (yes, my mom has chickens - she's gone crazy!).  The wheat came in these great glass jugs - my mom threw a couple out before she realized they could have crafting potential.  So she saved the rest for my kids.  I also had some vinyl stickers of their names from a neglected project, so I used those to label the jugs.  I love when putting a sticker on something counts as crafting!  Oh, and did you notice my helper - I got the camera out and she informed me "I'll stand here so you can take the picture" - she thinks I only take pictures if kids are in them (well, I guess she's mostly right).  Anyone else love vinyl?  If I didn't have an embroidery machine, it would be my splurge of choice....


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Your Mom is not crazy...I really, really, really want chickens. So far, DH thinks I'm a little crazy. I think these bottles are adorable and vinyl is fun.
When my two boys were "Latin scholars" in High School, I found a great quote(originating from ancient Rome, no less) for over the french doors in the kitchen:

FAMES OPTIMUM CONDIMENTUM (no, it's not "really great ketchup")

translation: hunger is the best seasoning

You can peek at it here http://www.flickr.com/photos/24113698@N08/4020698472/in/set-72157613323137143/

As a mother of two teenage boys, I will attest to the fact that they will eat anything, if they are hungry!

VERY cute! I like this idea A LOT. now only if I can find some jugs like those!

Those are so fun!! Thanks for the idea

That is a great idea and those jugs are very cute!

I have chickens too and we get great eggs everyday. I love "the girls" as we call them. But I wish I could find some great jars like this.

Those jugs are awesome! Cute idea!

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