February 2, 2010

Take-A-Look Tuesday: PlayDoh

Today's take-a-look is for the kids, or the kids in us. Sara is here to show off her homemade playdough. What's so genius??: the pizzazze! Sparkle playdough, I love it! Head on over to HER BLOG for the recipe and a step-by-step how to, in picture form. And she mentions how this can last for longer than 6 months - wow!

I've made homemade playdough numerous times, and I never like it. Just the texture of the salt - yuck! But, I've never used a recipe where you cook the dough. So I tried Sara's yesterday - the cooking melts the salt. The after result is awesome - it doesn't even resemble the playdoughs I've made in the past (to which I'll never go back). I used glitter, which I thought was genius, but I'll have to ask Sara if her glitter sheds. When using the playdough, there's glitter all around, but I guess a little extra sparkle in my day isn't a bad thing....so go try this - I did!


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