February 6, 2010

Valentine's Box, turned vase

We had a few crafty classes at my church week - always a fun time. The highlight was the true French Truffels, but I ate all those before I remember to take a picture to show them off.

First we made a box for Valentine's Day. We just took a box and using Mod Podge, covered it to *supposedly* make it look better. I just covered the lid and a strip along the bottom, using strips of tissue paper and hearts from a heart garland. Then gave the whole thing another layer to act as a clear sealant.

Then we learned how to do a small live flower arrangement. The idea was that small arrangements are easier to work with and get great results from. If you think you need a bigger arrangement, try using 3 small ones in a line to fill the space. Anyways, we made them in small plastic cups so we could take them home and put them in decorative tea cups. Which I don't have. But luckily the person next to me came up with a great solution:



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How cute is that!!! I love it, and it looks like it came from a florist - professional.

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