March 9, 2010

Baby Gift Set

I try not to post too much embroidery and I know I just did a few posts back, but seriously, isn't this set the cutest ever?!  Your eyes aren't deceiving you - that's the baby's name, on his shoe!  If only he had already made his appearance so I could stick his birthdate on the other shoe.  And see how the onesie is double appliqued to incorporate both materials from the shoe.  Some more of the shoes - I just have to show them off because it's usually girl stuff that wins on cuteness, but nothing can beat these:

So a couple of years I started my own website to sell my embroidered stuff (that's where the whole "Sugar Bee thing started - it was my shop name) - it really didn't get that many hits.  If only I knew then that there were craft blogs out there where I could advertise and get the word out (like this one - are you looking to get your word out?!)  Anyways, next week is when my old website expires and I'm not renewing it.  So I told myself that by the time it expired I needed to set up an Etsy shop (seriously, everyone else is!) and I just wanted to let you all know that I'm actually early on a goal for once!  I listed a few things in my shop tonight - I'm really excited about it.  And yes, this Boy Baby Gift Set of a Onesie and Shoes, both personalized, is one of my items.  Thanks for the shameless promotion  - - now back to regular scheduled blogging.


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That is such a sweet set. I love that you embroidered his name. It makes me want an embroidery machine. Also cute shop!

LOVE, LOVE , LOVE it!!! Seriously, this is probably the cutest boy set I have seen! Makes me want to have another one! I am so excited about your etsy shop and all your features, awesome!

Love it! I wish I knew how to embroider. I love the look.

Good luck with the etsy shop. I just opened one myself. ;-)

Alright, this is more up my alley--a boy set! Love it! Thanks so much for linking this up. It's a perfect baby gift!

I really like these as boy baby shoes but they look different from any I have seen. Can you tell me what pattern you used?

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