March 12, 2010

Chair Cover Possiblities

I recently made some very plain chair covers for our primary at church - each week a child is assigned to read a scripture, say a prayer, etc, and they get to sit in the front - the chair covers make the spot where they sit extra special.  It was a simple project - just measure the width of the top of the chair, sew your two pieces of material with right sides together, hem the bottom, and turn rightside out.  I embroidered but you could use puff paint or stenciling or freezer paper painting or iron-on transfers - anything would work.

But then I got to thinking how this simple project has huge potential - you could turn it into all sorts of ideas.  I was thinking in particular of making a "special" chair cover to use at our dinner table.  It could be decorated with lots of ric rac, material scraps, etc so it's really bright and fun, and somewhere it would say "EXTRA SPECIAL".  Then when a child did extra well on a test, or score a goal in their soccer game, or anything above and beyond the norm, they could sit in the Special Chair at dinner.  I haven't made it yet but I think I want to.  Anyone else have any other ideas for creative things to do with Chair Covers.  Maybe a "Birthday" one?


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Lovely idea for making the kids feel special. Best of luck!

My first thought was a "time out" chair. Ha ha ha...I guess I'm not a very nice mommy. They turned out great! Thanks for linking to Creative Cats this last week!

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