March 6, 2010

Embroidery Machines

I've had some questions about Embroidery Machines so I thought I'd do a quick post.  Shopping for an embroidery machine is VERY overwhelming!!  I went to several stores and tried out their floor models to see what features I liked.  Utimately I bought my machine used off of Ebay.  It is a Singer XL 1000.  I am by no means an expert on embroidery, but here's a few thoughts I have:
  • I bought mine used and would recommend that - it's a great machine at a fraction of the cost.  However, I would recommend buying used from a store instead of Ebay - that way you would have a place to turn to when you had questions.  A lot of stores offer free classes on how to use your machine - I didn't get that benefit and it would have been very helpful.
  • Mine has a big hoop - don't buy a machine that will only hold a 4x6 hoop - you'll want bigger.  This is a big downfall with the cheaper machines.
  • I love that mine converts to embroidery or regular sewing.  I thought I wouldn't use it for regular sewing, but once I did I haven't gone back to my old sewing machine.
  • I'd highly recommend a screen.  Some embroidery machines you can't even see how you're laying things out.  Mine has a touch screen and I can load up images and arrange them how I'd like them to sew out.
  • Everyone always dreams of bigger and better - if I were to upgrade, I would buy a machine with a USB port - that way it would allow easy transfers of desigs from the computer to the machine.  Right now I have to have a separate convertor box to do the job.
  • Good Luck shopping around - I would shy away from Brother because they're a cheap machine, and there's the whole "you get what you pay for " thing - people love Bernina and Husquvarna, but I haven't had one so I can't compare.


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Thank you. I have always wondered about embroidery machines and the does and don'ts when I am ready to purchase one. Your imput has been very helpful.

I have an xl 6000 and would love to see more tutorials for these machines. I learn better from seeing than I do from reading the manual.

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