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We have a family night each week.  It gets confusing to remember who is in charge of what – we used to have a chart, but it was so long ago that 2 of our kids weren’t even on the chart.  Time for something new!  This was sooo easy – I just whipped it up during naptime this afternoon.  I found a spare board and some random washers in our garage and went from there.     First, the paint brush I was using had a bunch of black paint still on it, so I painted the edges black so I wouldn’t have to wash too much off the brush.  Then I painted the middle green to match my walls.  I hot-glued on some washers – I only had a couple of big ones which meant that in some places I needed to use 2.  Then I painted on the words – I know vinyl lettering would have looked better, but eh, it gives it that handcrafted look, right? 
Now, time to make the tags – grab anything you want and put a magnet on the back.  A more polished look would be names on cardstock, but I went with the fun approach.  Each child got to choose an animal – you buy these little wood things prepainted at Joanns or Michaels.  Super easy.  And yes, I’m the elephant with the big booty – and my hubby picked it out!  He came back and said “I got an elephant for you” – I just stared at him – really, an elephant?!  He offered to switch, but there was no turning back – I like to razz him about it.  For magnets you can use anything – I used the self-adhesive magnetic strips.
Stick everyone on in the right place, and voila, done!  This is tailored to our family needs, but there are so many possiblilites – chore charts, assigments for family movie night (who picks the movie, treat, etc), etc.  Go make yourself one – you can do this!
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