Oh Sheets!

As I was whipping up a quick little project, I came to a big realization and wonder why no one has called me out on it yet – I’m addicted to sheets.  But no intervention is needed, because only great things come from it – seriously, I keep my eye out for sheet sets at garage sales, etc and can pick them up for super cheap – like $1 a set – and for all that yardage of material!  Possiblities are endless!! 
So my project: pajama pants for my son.  I notice when his pants are getting too short, but who pays attention to pjs – he had to inform me that he needed some new ones.  And he was right – he’s 7, and his best pair of PJ is a size 4!  I went to buy him some, but they were $10 – seriously.  And so I turned to some trusty sheets.  Remember when using sheets in projects, if you used the finished edge along the bottom, you don’t have to hem the pants – I love that trick!  So voila, pants he’ll love, for practically free:
Now a look back – I think the sheet craze began about 5 years ago when I sewed my very first project without using a pattern (no pattern!  I didn’t know there was such a way – now I realize the realm of possiblities) – it was a play apron for my little girl – I think I had bought the sheet for $.50, if that.
And there was plenty left over – I eventually used it and another couple of sheet sets to make my pink and purple Rag Rug
Speaking of left over, the Star Wars pj pants were made from sheets leftover from the Fabric Bulletin Board project. (when I couldn’t find Star Wars fabric, what else did I do? – use sheets!)
Back at Christimas time I made our whole family matching pajama pants – out of one set of flannel sheets – what a bargin!
During the summer I wanted an easy pair of pants to lay around in – of course I turned to sheets.
And then don’t forget the ever-popular pillowcase dresses – pillowcases are part of a sheet set.  Here’s one picture but follow the link above because they were all really cute – I even made a whole outfit out of a king-sized pillowcase.
I think I might have made a cape out of sheets too.  I’m sure there’s more I’m forgeting but you get the jist – keep your eyes out for sheets!  My husband bought some tires the other day off of CraigsList, and to bring them home in his car the helpful sellers had wrapped them in some discarded sheets – he said “thought you might want to do something crafty with these” as he chucked them into my sewing room – he knows me too well!
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    Good idea on the sheets. Now that you let your secret out of the hat, I hope that garage sale people don’t increase the prices! Hee hee. Really good pjs, dresses, and LOVE the apron. I keep on adding to my shopping list of what I want you to make for us when we get back the the states. Get ready for a big order!

  2. says

    I can’t wait for yard sale season to start up. I haven’t had any luck finding sheets on sale or at the thrift shop.

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