Personalized Shirts

warning: if you know me and your child is having a birthday and they are peeking over your shoulder, avert their eyes now!
You can probably tell by now, but I love my embroidery machine – I bought it used on Ebay, so the cost wasn’t as outrageous as you’d imagine.  I especially love how I can quickly make a cute, personalized gift and not spend too much money.  I am always on the lookout for shirts on clearance – and you should be too!  Even if you don’t go with embroidery, you can use iron-on transfers or freeze paper stenciling and voila, perfect gifts every time.  This week I’ve made 3 shirts – popular birthday week, I guess.
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    I have a question ~ I was wanting to get a machine to make items for my daughter but I have no idea where to even start. What kind of machine do you have? Any suggestions on brands/specs? Thanks

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    Your embroidered shirts are getting cuter all the time! Thanks again for the idea, and once again I’ll be browsing for embroidery machines…

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