Simple Bow Tutorial

You can make this bow!!  I know it! 
I’m sure there are thousands of ways to make bows – here’s a quick view on my take.

First, thread your needle.  I use this handy trick – fold your thread in half and stick both ends through the needle – that will creat a loop on one end – (then when you use it, you don’t have to tie an anchor knot – you just go through the loop – voila.)

Next, grab your ribbon, make a loop.  Hold it with your thumb:
Then fold the longer end over to make another loop:
The make another loop on the same end as the first – always holding tight in the middle with your thumb:
Then one more loop, making 2 on each side.  Cut your excess ribbon so the end stops in the middle, under your thumb.  Grab your needle (prethreaded, since you are currently one-handed) and weave it in and out a few times right up the middle – I think you can see this in the picture:
Then pull the needle all the way through, leaving the tail of a loop hanging.  Wrap your needle around the back of the bow and go through the loop – pull tight – that will create a knot:
As you pull tight, pinch the middle.  The pinch kind of gathers the middle of the bow – that is what will give it umph.  I usually poke through the middle a few more times to make sure the thread is holding tight:
Now, set that aside.  The middle isn’t very pretty, so time to address that.  Tie the end of your ribbon in a knot and then cut pretty close to the knot:
That knot will cover the center of your bow.  Grab the bow, place the knot on the middle of the top and then flip the whole thing over.  Hand stitch the two ends of the knot piece around the bow so it will stay:
And that’s it!  You’re a pro at bows!  I really think the knot in the middle gives it a finished look.
You can sew it to bags or clothing or to a baby headband (when I did that below I stuck a piece of feather boa under the bow – for that extra pizzaz) or push an alligator clip through the back with a little glue so it will stay.
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