Layered Fabric Flower

For my white slippers, I made a fabric flower different than my usual fabric flower method – instead of rolling a long piece of fabric like a cinnamon roll I layered pieces of fabric and then gathered the center back.  Here’s a quick tutorial on How to Make a Layered Fabric Flower – -
First cut a couple of layers – I made mine in circles.  My mom made my girls some flowerclips using this method and she cut the layers in the shape of flowers – I should have had her take a picture, but they looked like a circle with big scalloped edges.  Then zig zag along the edge to prevent fraying (unless you want a shabby look, then you want fray).
Next fold the layer so you can find the middle.  Then hand sew about 1/4 inch above the tip – see picture.
When it open it back up the back should look like this:
I did this to my layers separately, then hand-tacked them together and on to my slipper.  I think my mom layered all her layers (she made 4, I made 2) and then folded it and gathered the middle, as a group.  Here is a picture of hers:
This was really easy and turned out cute.  Grab some scrap fabric and go make one!
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