April 22, 2010

Polymer Clay Bracelet

I know there are polymer clay experts out there - I'm not one of them.  There's so much you can make with them that it's almost too daunting.  But I did a quick easy ornament several months ago and got over my fear of the stuff.  So now what?
I came up with the easiest thing to make with clay - balls.  Take a ball, squish it a little and poke a hole in it  - voila, beads.  It was so easy that I didn't take many tutorial pictures for my "how to make a polymer clay bead bracelet" - and the pictures I did take aren't good - oh well.  I'll talk you through it. 
For the swirl effect, take a couple colors of clay and layer them.  Tear them and layer them back together.  Do this several times.  Then roll into a ball and you should see swirls.
Roll whatever clay you're using (swirl or plain color) into a ball.  Flatten slightly.  Use a straw to poke a hole through it (remove straw).  Bake as directed.
I used a strip of fabric as my "string" and just threaded the beads on.  Occasionally I tied a knot inbetween beads for interest.  I also tied a knot at each end so the beads won't fall off.  That's it!  Don't be afraid of polymer clay - this was really easy and the clay is relatively cheap (like a $1.25 for a square of color).  And now I've got a fun chunky bracelet:
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I am in love with this! So cute, cute colors, cute style, cute all the way around! FAbulous!

Good Friday Morning! I love this bracelet!

I am a new follower, I hope you will stop by for a visit!


I am really looking forward to seeing more of your blog!


Following you from Trendy Treehouse's Friday Follow! Great Blog. I will enjoy checking in to see what you have done next!

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Very fun! I love the colors!

I think my daughter would love to try this! I have a party every thursday especially for all things made to be worn called Make It Wear It. Stop by and link up if you are interested!

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