Shrink a Picture for a Pendant

I mentioned that my favorite glass tile pendant is the photo one of my kids. 

This was not hard at all to do.  So here’s a quick tutorial on how to shrink a picture using Photoshop Elements – this is for the Elements newbie, so if you know your way around the program you know that you don’t need this post.

First a quick shout-out to Photoshop Elements – I recently bought version 7 on Ebay for $30 – that’s a minimal price to pay for great editing software.  I love “actions” which are things you can download to automatically give your pictures a certain look (let me know and I can do a post on what they are more specifically) and I don’t feel at all that I need the full-version grown-up Photoshop – Elements is meeting all my needs and I’m sure it can do lots more that I don’t even know about.

So open up Elements and the picture you want to use.  Tweak your colors to how you want them.  Then crop your picture to a square – to do this click the crop tool and then there will be a drop-down box where you can choose 5×5 – that’s a square (equal sides, equal angles – you know).  Then drag the box over your picture to how you want it.

After you have you have a square picture click on “Image” and you’ll get a drop-down box where you can click “Resize” and you’ll get another drop-down box to click “Image Size”
Where it says “Document Size” change width and height to 1 and make sure it says “inches” (if not there’s a drop-down menu where you can choose inches).
Voila, a 1x1inch image.  I opened a Word Document and copy and pasted a bunch of 1 inch pictures all on to one sheet and just printed them off on regular paper.  It worked great.

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  1. says

    Good question on the laser vs. inkjet – I made sure to print on a laser just in case. My laser printer is only black and white, so I just loaded my Word Doc onto a jump drive and took it into OfficeMax and they printed it off in color using their laser jet for less than $1. I haven’t tried an inkjet so I don’t know about the smear factor.

  2. says

    Enjoyed the tutorial, I’m a semi newbie on Photoshop, I too have PSElements7. I don’t know about actions so I would definintly be interested in a tutorial on that. Maybe I use it and just don’t know what I’m doing? I’m self taught.

  3. Rachel Banks says

    Just wondering if there is another photo editing program that can be used to do this? I have photo pro something or another I think? Thanks for your help!

  4. says

    I make glass tile necklaces and earrings. I have been wanting to do photo ones for two moms that have lost their children. My conflict was getting a photo the right size to fit in and still look good. How did you get this to work with printing it yourself? I was worried that the paper glaze would smear the ink. Thanks!

    • Meena says

      I’ve heard you can put a piece of clear tape on your image before gluing it to the tile to prevent any smearing.


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