May 19, 2010

Doll Bed Mattress

My girls got beds for their dolls at Christmas. I had meant to make mattresses for the beds at the time, but in the rush of Christmas they got cut off the to-do list.  Yes, it's 6 months later and I finally made them.  Yes, it only took like a half hour so I don't know why I put if off so long - and that's with help from my helpers (and you know, these helpers don't really speed things along).

I used the foam from a changing table pad I had made - when I sold the table I kept the pad for repurposing.  I also used a window curtain set I bought at a garage sale for $.50 - they were too short for the window in my girls room so they were just laying in my fabric pile begging to be used.  I cut the foam into the right size and cut one curtain in half and serged the edge.
Then I wrapped the foam like a present - the back edges were the finished edges of the curtain, so no extra work there:
Once the edges were like a present I sewed them down across the top edge - I'm pretty sure this isn't the correct way to do this, but it worked.  The slit in the back is not sewed down so the foam can be removed (you know, in case the doll wets the bed?).
And that's it - the dolls can rest in comfort.  I even used the other curtain to whip up a couple of doll blankets.  Now the girls are requesting pillows for their dolls - it's a life of luxury!  Now, to do a fun paint job on the beds to spruce them up a bit.....
I will be putting this in the craft challenge to "use your stash" at Crystal's Craft Spot, and also link to all those fun LINK PARTIES - really, check them out - great stuff!


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Love the doll beds. They look fun!

Very easy and cute! And what, you didn't want to take any more pics of dolls? ;)

Anyway, I'm
awarding you the “Versatile” Blog award!
Please know it is because of the Inspiration your blog gives to me and others.

Check it out @
(Please note the rules of the award as they were given to me)

What a fun idea. I think our dolly beds might need a matress and a makeover as well.
p.s. thanks for joining my challenge this week.

Perfect gift for a little girl! I know 2 little girls that would love this! Thanks for linking up with PonyTails and FishScales!

Doll bed look so fantastic...I really like it.

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