May 10, 2010

Follow-Up Post

Follow-up post from yesterday - - picture of me with my kids:


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I am Following you from Friday Follow.

Jeanette Huston

I just read your post about the pictures and got teary-eyed... you are so right. I am going to try to do better as well!

Thanks for being our #1!!! Love jumping on the trampoline with my kids!

What fun!! I did this with my kids a while back, and the hubby picked up the camera!...our tramp has a net, so the pics weren't that great, but he still captured the moment ♥

Love this! I need to do more of this. Capturing the everyday moments with your kids to let them know you were there too!

Oh-my-gosh! Wow! That is an awesome entry! And I LOVE that you are in the photo bouncing too! Great entry!

Oh yeah.. this is deffy a bounce shot! great capture!!

Very sweet looks like they are all in their Sunday Finery.

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