Force Be With You

If you name a baby Luke, I can’t help but make you a Jedi shirt.  Sorry, I know it’s not the cutest babywear, but it had to be made.
(When my son was younger he used to say “my name is Luke, but people call me Reed” because he thought he was Luke Skywalker – really.)  I have some StarWars embroidery designs and love when the opportunity comes up to use them.  (I made a girl Star Wars shirt that I showed off HERE and have made some StarWars pj sets)
And since the real Luke is much cuter than staring at the homely shirt, here ya go:
(looks like he might be trying some Jedi mind tricks….)
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    A Jedi onesie, ha! ha! ha! How wonderfully creative is that. Hi Mandy, I’m here from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop and your newest follower. You have a truly different craft-blog here.

    Hope you come visit my blog and follow me too. Thanks. A baby Jedi, ha! ha! ha!

  2. says

    So cute! I do have a Luke… and 3 other kids with star wars names! Crazy, I know. My husband is a serious fan!! Loved the cute girl star wars shirt. Do you sell these? I don’t have an embroidery machine… Love them! I’d love to see the p.j.’s too!

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