Gnat (fruit fly) Catcher

Does anyone else have a fruit fly problem in the summer?  Those little bugs are such a nuisance.  I tried a nasty fly strip, but that just looks gross.  Then I tried the funnel-in-a-jar thing which worked, but it doesn’t kill the bugs (and I’m okay with killing bugs!) – it just catches them and you have to release them.  I knew I was just recatching and releasing the same ones over and over.  I posted this funnel trap on my blog, but it must have been my family blog because I can’t find it here.   Anyways, my grandma saw it and told me “don’t you know about the vingear trap?” – no!  So she taught me this trick and I’m passing it on to you.  So easy.  So here we go: how to make a fruit fly trap.
Gather your supplies: a glass jar, seran wrap, vinegar, something pokey, and ribbon if desired.
Fill your jar with abuot 1 inch of vinegar.  Wrap the top of the jar with a piece of seran wrap.  It’ll probably just stick, but you can secure it with a rubberband if that makes you feel better.  Grab a helper to poke holes in the seran wrap top:
That’s it!  My jar sat this way on my counter all last year.  The gnats want to get at the sweet-smelling goodness of the vinegar but they get in and can’t get out – and eventually drown in the bottom.  It looked a little nasty, this jar full of floating bugs.  So this year I spiced it up a little by tieing a ribbon around the water line in the jar – now you can’t see the floating bugs.  We have a compost pile so there is always something on the counter waiting to be taken outside – aka, fruit fly magnet.  So that’s where my jar lives:
So go craft yourself a bug trap – you probably have all the supplies ready to go!
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    My parents have this problem and I’m making them one of these. I have an extra jar and some fabric for a ribbon. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Oh, I’ve made these and they work like a charm (if you are reading the comments and want to know if Mandy knows what she is talking about).

    I use vinegar but I have an aunt who swears by Kefir.

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    We totally have gnats and this year seems to be the worst! I have actually found that red wine works better than the vinegar (at least for my little pests!). Glad to see I’m not the only one with the gnat trap sitting on my kitchen counter :) But I’m definitely going to have to dress mine up with a little ribbon!

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