Kanzashi Fabric Flowers, plus craft books

When I made the shirred pillowcase dress, I think it’s this flower that pulls it all together – adds the WOW factor.  I’ve made lots of fabric flowers using different methods: layered, gathered, etc.  But this new way I tried – I’m just loving it!
It all started with the library – at my library online I can put books on hold, so I often put new books on hold even if I don’t know much about them.  And I often put crafting books on hold – I just love flipping through and getting ideas.  Well a lot of times I don’t even remember what I’ve got on hold – you can image how excited I was to find this jewel waiting for me: Kanzashi in Bloom by Diane Gilleland. 

Kanzashi is like oragami for fabric – a way of taking squares and folding them into flower petals, then loop them all together into a flower.  It was easy to do and there are so many possiblities with it! 

I don’t feel like I can post a full tutorial, since I didn’t come up with this on my own.  I’m sure you can google “kanzashi” and find lots out there.  Or you can grab the book – I’m not a book-buyer, but I think this one is worth owning.
So for my how-to: cut your fabric into squares, fold according to the directions in the book (they are step-by-step with lots of clear pictures – anyone can do it!), sew into a loop, (layer a couple of them if you want), glue on a button, and voila, go amaze your friends.

While I’m mentioning books worth buying, another that I love: A is for Apron.  I found this browsing books at Michaels.  I wanted to look at it more to see if it was worth owning, plus I know books are cheaper at Amazon than off-the-shelf at Michaels, so I grabbed it from the library – once I got it home I confirmed it’s fabulousness.  So I’d recommend it as well. 
Any of you out there recommend any great crafting/sewing books?  I’d love to hear about them!

Opinions are my own – the author has no idea I wrote this post

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    How very cute and creative! Good job on the flower! It’s really stands out on the cute dress! My girls would love this! Thanks so much for linking up with PonyTails and FishScales!

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    Oh do I love fabric flowers! My sweet girl puts them on everything…yours is stunning.

    Just your Thursday reminder that the link party is up for kinderGARDENS if you have anything you want to share…I’m also having ‘Sunflower House’ book giveaway. Happy Gardening and Craftin! Kim

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    You are so talented! I wish I had that in me :)

    Thanks for sharing your lovely blog with us on Welcome Wednesday and hope you stop by each Wednesday, so others can enjoy it too!!

    Jaime & Kristin

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    I love the flowers–I am going straight to my library to see if I can reserve it! Oh, and I love the A is for Apron book too–I have checked it out numerous times from my library…I should probably just go and buy it…

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