May 6, 2010

Oven Mit (potholder)

I love the Oven Mit that Amy made over on The Idea Room a while ago - it's been on my to-do list - here is hers, to the left.  When I whipped up my mom an apron and had a little leftover chicken fabric I thought, I should make a making oven mit.  I even bought the therma-fil (it's like batting with a piece of foil in it - you use in things to insulate from the heat) and bias tape (but the wrong kind - more on that below).  But the project was still on the back burner - until today, when I wanted something quick and easy and Mother's Day is a few days away - a potholder isn't anything compared to the giant ceramic chicken my brother bought my mom, but oh well. 

So I downloaded the free pattern from The Idea Room and cut out all my pieces:
Then basted (that's just sewing with big stitches) the batting to the right fabric:
Then sewed it together and cut close up to the seam to prepare for the bias tape:
But of course I then realized I bought single-fold bias tape; but to wrap around something, like an edge, you need double-fold.  When I'm rolling on a project I just want to keep going - so I sewed two pieces of single-fold together to make some makeshift double fold.  I'm not good at attaching bias tape - and this had a curve, even trickier - you can see where I messed up - oh well. (this happened in several spots - some are just off-camera)
So, in the end it was a quick project but I want to make another one - I know I can do a better job.  I think I would switch which fabrics I use - put the red dot under the chicken where the handles go.   And get the right kind of bias tape, and go slower around the edges so I don't get wrinkles. Or maybe I'll make a square shape or something.


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cute and i love that when you're working on something you just keep going -- sometimes improvising leads to even better results (-:

I think it turned out great, but as I was reading I was also thinking I'd probably just make a square one,,I'm not good at corners and curves either, LOL. I bet she'll love it.

I think it's cute!! You did a great job!!

I have one of these mit pot holders and Love it! I never thought of making one but I will be making a few now. Thanks for the how to!

hi! just visiting from CI.I think the potholder turned out great. I'm not good at curves either!

that is really cute, love the bright colors! Thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays!"

since this has been on a to do list and you finally got to it, you can put it under the "procrastination" category at the party. You may get more clicks being closer to the top?:) Its up to you..

Looks easy to sew. I just bought some mittens recently but my daughter does not like them. She said they are to big and not thick enough. I thought they were rather nice... Oh well. I will show this to her so maybe she would want to make some.
Thanks for sharing.
I came over here from Amy's "AP Tuesday party"

Very cute! I will add this project to my future project tab on my blog! Thanks so much for linking to my party!

I missed Mother's Day, but there are other special occasions this will be fun to make for.

Cute Fabric and you make it look so easy, I wish I could sew. Jealous in VA. lol

I am featuring this on my blog today! I loved it!

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