May 28, 2010

Teacher Gift - Pendant and Towels

I thought this would be a perfect teacher gift - it can be a necklace for spirit days or cut short and hooked onto a keychain or lanyard for everyday use.  Hopefully I'm not the only one loving these pendants.  I made it when I made all my other Glass Tile Pendants (follow the link for a how-to) in anticipation of needing an end-of-the-year gift.  For the actual image I took the school mascot, opened it in Photoshop Elements like a picture, and then followed the directions HERE to shrink it down.

Then last minute I decided to expand the present and I made a couple of towels with the teacher's initial (I love my embroidery machine in that I can just whip up a present like this on a whim!).  I thought towels would be a handy thing to have in any elementary classroom, right?  The towels were bought on clearance after Easter and I thought they were fun enough for this project.
A quick ribbon tie and it's looking great - I just need to have my child attach a handwritten "thanks for being an awesome teacher" type of thing, and we're good to go.
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Love these! I used to be a teacher and I can tell you they will love these!

i wish i was your kids teacher!

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Happy Friday!
:) Jen

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Stopping by from new friend friday. You are very creative. I would be happy to do a review/giveaway of your products on my blog if you were interested in some promotion.

Have a great weekend:

What a fun gift idea! I think those mascot necklaces are so cute. The teachers will love them.
Thanks for linking up!

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Happy Friday!!

very sweet. I love the personalized touches.

What a totally unique idea! I love it! Cute idea with the mascot and I'm totally jealous of your embroidery machine! Those towels look great!

Thanks so much for linking!

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