Young Sprout

In honor of the CSI Project with the challenge “paint” I just wanted to do a quick shout-out to my kitchen which I LOVE.  Of all the rooms in our home, this one is the most “me”. 
Do you remember the “before”?  The wallpaper was overwhelming and reminded me of those Magic Eye things (remember that craze?) .  The vertical blinds were mauve and seemed to encroach on the whole space. 
I found some amazing fabric from Amy Butler and built my kitchen around it.  (The curtain grommet tutorial is HERE.)  The paint color is “young sprout” and it is so fresh – a whole new space.  There is a spot opposite of the sliding door where we wanted a desk, but it was pretty narrow.  So we needed a narrow desk, plus it needed to be counter-height so I could store my spare table chairs under it.  We shopped for little bit but realized we needed a custom build.  My husband BUILT the whole desk unit (cabinet doors and all) – he’s amazing.  I painted a lot of it to match our table and built-ins that are in the family room off of the kitchen, so I contributed a little, but he was the mastermind of that operation.
Wow!, right? Amazing what paint can do. Next project, new counters/tile backsplash, etc (did you notice they were teal?  I love teal and all, just not so much on my counters…)
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