Crock Pot Chicken

I thought I’d take a break from the awesome sweets I’ve been posting lately – it is swimsuit season and all….
So for today: crockpot chicken.  I know when you think “crockpot” you think winter.  But really it’s a great cooking tool for the summer – not much prep time is involved, so you can run around doing all your summer activities, plus it doesn’t heat your house up like an oven would.  I LOVE my crockpot.
Did you know that you can cook chicken in your crockpot?  I just discovered this several months ago  – and oh, what a discovery.  Oftentimes there are sales on chicken, but it’s the bone-in kind and I always debate if picking around all the bones is worth the savings.  Well, now I stock up with the sales come because I cook mine and debone it without even touching the meat.  Let me show you (although meat pictures are kind of gross – sorry about that!).  You just dump the chicken in straight from the package (see, it still kind of has that square shape from coming directly off the styrofoam):
Then let it cook – in general, 1/2 a day on high or all day on low.  Occasionally stir it around.  It will cook itself down and the stirring will break it up in to pieces.  Then I just grab my tongs and take out all the bones, skin, etc, and this is what I’m left with:
Easy, right?!
Then you can use it for such things as:
–inners for enchiladas
–chicken on summer salads
–chicken over rice
–BBQ chicken sandwiches
–chicken and noodles
–the list goes on….
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    ok I am going to try this because you said I dont have to touch the chicken. I know I could save lots of money by buying the bone in chicken but I hate touching it. I had to marinade a whole chicken once and found myself apologizing to it as I picked it up.Yuck! Thanks!

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    Mandy, I just sent your post to my cousin, my sisters, and my best friend. I’m a crockpot evangelist, and for last hot, hellist, horribly humid days here on Cape Cod, I’ve been saying that using the crockpot during hot weather makes so much sense. I posted a nice, cool Italian bean salad recipe on my blog, but I live on chicken, and my grill isn’t working. I refuse to spend $6.99 on a tiny little deli-roasted chicken, so tomorrow, I’m getting some bone-in chicken breasts that on sale for $1.99, and setting up ole’ slow cooker. Thanks for the tip. (And stay close for this winter,because as soon as it cools off, I’m posting my world-famous, Cinnamon chicken — it sounds nuts, but it’s so, so good!).

    Big “wave” from Cape Cod,
    Jude at
    dolcecapecod dot

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    I have NEVER bought a bone in chicken because of the grossness factor. I used to live on a farm and have helped with the entire egg to plate process and would just rather SKIP it all. You may have just changed my mind!

    Thanks for linking to Messy Monday. I think I mught just give this a try!

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    I LOVE cooking chicken in the crockpot…so easy…but like you said…I always put crockpot with winter meals and really…it should be a summer must since I HATE to turn on my oven in the summer. Looks like chicken is on the menu this week for sure:)

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    Crock Pots are one of my favorite tools for lazy meals! I’m always looking for easy, healthy meals, so this is great! Thanks for sharing! I’d love to share this on my blog, too! I do a Foodie Linky Party on Friday’s. I’d love to have you!

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    What a fabulous idea! I don’t use my crockpot enough, but this is a good reason to get it out! Thanks for linking up to Hoo’s got talent!

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