June 12, 2010

Fondont Cake

I MADE this cake - no lie!!  I've never tried fondont before - it seemed hard to work with, plus the idea that it sits in a box on the store shelf grossed me out, plus that box costs way to much for my cheapness.  So I just figured I wouldn't do fondont, even though it always looks great.  Then I got sucked in to the Make-A-Cake series on Make It and Love It.  Some craft blog posts I glaze over as I read them - these posts, I was hanging on every word, rereading the posts to make sure I didn't miss anything.  Brittany made me think I could actually make a cake that looked pretty.  She made it look so doable!!  And so I did it! Not bad for a first try, right??
All fondont is: melted marshmellows kneaded together with powdered sugar and a little crisco - who knew.  As I made the cake I thought of my friend Aimee who's been taking all those cake classes at Michael's - of course I'm jealous of that kind of fun.  I also thought of my friend Kristine as I kneaded and kneaded the color into my fondont - that was a lot of work! And Kristine kneads all the time - she doesn't have a stand mixer - I was feeling her pain (does anyone know if you can make fondont in a mixer?  maybe I should try it!)
I cut swirls into it using a knife.  Not sure if that's a normal "technique" or not but I liked it.  I cut the flower pedals with a circle cutter, then cut the 2 sides and left the middle shaped as an uppercase "I" as shown and then stuck them on by wetting the back with a little water:
It was great fun - - you know you're a crazy crafter when you request to make your own birthday cake for the fun of making it.  And you know when you're getting older when you beg for Corelle dishes as a gift (when we were first married and bought dishes I remember saying "I don't care, as long as it's not that Corelle stuff" - oh how times change!).  But they're still fun, even if they are functional.
Head on over to that Cake Series and see if it inspires you - it did me!


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I am not much of a baker but I can do that!!! In fact, I can probably do that better then dealing with icing...thanks for sharing! I wouldn't have considered trying it had it not been for this....now i just need an occasoion.www.breebee.com- Oh, the cake looks amazing!

First of all, your cake is BEAUTIFUL! Second of all, I have those dishes too! :-)

That cake is darling! How could you bear to slice it? I'm so impressed that you made it yourself.

That cake looks so professional! I love it. Makes me wanna try making a fondant cake.

You are so funny... I am working on making the Make a Cake Series cake for my birthday on tuesday too! I can't wait to see it finished. I am just waiting for the gum paste to dry. I totally agree that kneeding the fondant was no fun, the gum paste is the same. I'll send you the link when I finish mine. Its fun to know the make a cake series is making an impact on all of us.

That's a truly beautiful cake!

Fabulous cake!! So glad that yours turned out on the first try!! My friend and I are going to be trying out fondont for a bridal shower cake. Eeek! I am a little scared! Of course, will post on my blog!

Hi there! I'm just stopping by your little corner of the world to say Hello on Blog Hop Friday (even though it is now Sunday) and that cake is amazing!

I have questions...rather than kneading the fondant do you think that you could use a bread machine? AND (I haven't visited the site yet so forgive me if this question is answered there) how do you get those vivid colors?

I hope that when you take a break that you will let me know what you think and PLEASE enter my very first contest the VERA BRADLEY GIVEAWAY that I have going on right now!

Please drop by my blogs follow me back?




J. Claire

This is the cutest cake! I love the colors. Great job!!

Your cake is adorable!! I made my first fondant cake back in April for my son's birthday! I needed colored fondant and someone told me a trick, if you use the gel food coloring and mix it in when you are still microwaving your ingredients it mixes in so well and is so much easier!!

That is such a cute cake. I am so envious of people that can make beautiful cakes like yours. Maybe I should give this a try again.

Turned out great! And you can use a Bosch with a dough hook to make the Fondant!

Beautiful! I love working with fondant, mine are not as cute as yours though!

That is awesome! I have always wanted to make a fondant cake. How inspiring!

Unbelievable! My daughter used fondant for the first time and I thought it was incredibly hard to work with! Your cake looks AWESOME!

Wow, it looks like a pro made it! Good job! Please link up to Sister Sister if you have a chance,


you are talented!!! I am crafty, but a HORRIBLE cake decorator :) thank you for linking up tp MMM!!

Wow! That was your first try? I am amazed! I agree. The cutting things looks awesome on there. It adds some pattern without "busy-ness". Great Job!

This cake looks perfect! Love the bright and fun colors too!

Careful using a stand mixer for your fondant - if you have a kitchenaide it will void the warranty and most definately strain your motor. mine now makes a weird clicking noise - certain its from making fondant.

I live in Florida where the humidity makes it almost impossible to work with MMF - so I just buy mine and it tastes really good too - Satin Ice - they even now have a buttercream flavored fondant.

Your cake looks AMAZING - especially for a first cake! My first cake was EMBARASSING!!! haha!!

Keep up the good work!

I have a tutorial on my blog about how to make embelishments for your cake - check it out - might help with your next cake! (I know you are already thinking about that next cake! its an addiction!)


Your cake turned out absolutely beautifully. I LOVE it! The colors are gorgeous, and seriously, for a first time effort....IMPRESSIVE!!

You did a great job. I love working with fondant- but it dries out so quickly here in our single digit humidity- that it's not something I do very often.

Wow, beautiful job..it looks very professional. I had no idea that's what fondant was made from either. Thanks for the info and inspiration, maybe I will finally give fondant a try too. Stopping by from Shutter Love :)

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